Widest variety of Artisanal baked goods delivered daily to Northern California

If you live and work in the bay area, or just visit here from time to time, chances are you have enjoyed Panorama Baking Company’s fine artisanal baked goods at one time or another. Panorama provides its wide variety of high quality fresh baked items to some of the most prestigious restaurants, hotels, caterers and corporate food service programs in Northern California, from Calistoga to Pebble Beach.

There are many reasons for Panorama’s growth and wide reach in the region and it all starts with the quality and consistency of our bread. A combination of Old World-style baking techniques and high quality ingredients have nurtured a word of mouth reputation among prestigious executive chefs throughout the area. Variety is another reason for our broad appeal amongst professionals desiring a high quality artisanal bread program. The bakery offers table breads of every style and shape, multiple sliced breads, focaccias, over 20 different hamburger and sandwich buns, a dozen different dinner rolls, a variety of danish and croissants, muffins, cookies, brownies, display breads and even breadsticks.

When you add to this delivery 365 days a year, and customer relation and sales teams dedicated to providing the best service in the industry, Panorama really starts to stand out as a wholesaler of quality artisanal baked goods. There can be a lot of emergencies for a lot of different reasons in this business and Panorama prides itself in coming to the rescue. Come for the quality… stay for the service.